Between AI and recent layoffs, the tech industry looks a lot different these days. So what does it mean if you’re looking for a career in tech? Recently, I met up with career coach Ken Coleman to find out.

Coleman is a Ramsey Personality, author and radio host who gives out career advice daily.

First, he shared his thoughts on the recent big tech layoffs.

“These big tech companies are going to lay people off when there’s a hint of recession because it’s about the stock price. It’s not about valuing people. So they’ll staff up when everything’s hot. They will staff down when it’s just threatening to be cooler,” said Coleman.

Career coach Ken Coleman with tech reporter Rich DeMuro
Career coach Ken Coleman with tech reporter Rich DeMuro

Coleman says losing a job is a traumatic experience, so turn to friends and family to help you get through it. Then, move on.

“You aren’t a failure, you’re a part of a big financial system and it has nothing to do with you, it has a lot to do with the company,” said Coleman.

He says to look for a position that involves something you’re good at, something you enjoy doing… and then ask yourself: What results do you want to contribute to the world?

“The last piece on that is understand you’re not doing to step into that right away,” said Coleman.

Don’t forget to do your own research on a job post and beware of scammy postings.

“We don’t want to just stay on the internet. We want to do our own research, primary detective work. Is this a real thing, is this a good company, who do I know that knows somebody that works over there so that we can get a sense for is this a healthy culture… or … is this a real job,” explained Coleman.

Coleman told me he isn’t opposed to job seekers using AI technology like ChatGPT for first drafts of cover letters but says to make it your own and pay attention to the job description.

“Make sure that you are adequate addressing what the need is in that job description I think that will help you stand out,” said Coleman.

Keep in mind, that same technology that’s helping to streamline your job search is now something we are all going to be competing with.

“So those of you that are in very task, heavy jobs, I think it is a threat to your role. [Like] basic accounting practices or administrative duties. I think AI is going to replace those type of jobs because of the efficiency. However, I think it’s going to spin off more jobs because it cannot replace the human touch,” concluded Coleman.

You can watch the Ken Coleman show on YouTube and special thanks to The Viv Hotel in Anaheim for lending us their spectacular rooftop terrace for our interview!