There is no stopping actress Alfre Woodard.

Her upcoming film “The Gray Man” is causing a lot of buzz with its star-studded cast that includes Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas and Billy Bob Thornton.

“It was huge,” Woodard explained about the project. “I had a ball with Ryan, Ana and Bill Bob.”

Woodard joked that she was told they’d be shooting all over the world for the film, but she later realized that wasn’t the case for herself.

“They said it shoots in Hong Kong, Thailand, Czech Republic, all these places,” explained the Emmy award winner. “You know where I shot my scenes? Long Beach airport,” she said with a laugh.

The Oscar nominated actress also stars in the civil rights drama “The Porter” which is set in the 1920s and is inspired by real events of the North American railway workers on and off the clock.

“We’re long overdue for ‘The Porter’ story of the men who basically shaped, certainly the North American and the States, Black middle class” Woodard explained. “They’ve always been those people in our community who had the knowledge of what was happening in every town. They were very instrumental in the civil rights movement. They are strivers, the way most Black people are, and certainly were in that period.”

Woodard has been entertaining viewers on the small and big screen for decades, but when it comes to her most memorable projects, she remembers the experiences on the set instead of the movies’ titles.

“I’m a process person, I remember the shoots,” Woodard said. “I remember more of what the experience was- the shooting experience- and it has to do with the people I had those experiences with.”

‘The Gray Man’ is set to hit theaters this summer on July 15 and will stream on Netflix a week later.

‘The Porter’ is streaming now on BET+.