Growing up in the shadow of a rock star father is tough, but Sean Stewart isn’t letting that get in his way.

The son of music legend, Rod Stewart, is paving his own lane and is stepping into the fashion world with his clothing line, “Dirty Weekend.” The name may be recognizable to some fans of his famous father. It’s the same name of the song off of the famous “Blondes Have More Fun” album. However, for the younger Stewart, it’s more of a motto.

“Who doesn’t look forward to the weekend? Who doesn’t look forward to having fun on the weekend?” Stewart asked. “Whatever your weekend is: get dirty, have fun.”

The unisex athleisure line consists of an array of graphic tees, long-sleeved tees, sweatshirts, sweatpants trucker hats and shorts. The prices range from $24 to $104.

Like any owner of a small business, Stewart is busy and doing a little of everything. “I do all the shipping. I email all the consumers. I pretty much do all the creative. I pretty much do all the business myself,” he explained.

He said he entered the retail space as a way to find his “own identity in the world.” He admitted being the son of an icon is difficult to find one’s niche.

“It’s something I struggle with,” Stewart revealed. “For me, it’s believing in Dirty Weekend, believing in what I’m selling and believing in what I’m doing. Anyone can create something, it’s up to them to believe in what they’re selling and to never give up.”

What motivates Stewart is the ability to turn the clothing line into a legacy for his future children.

“What really drives me is building something for my family, as for as like when I have kids, something big for them,” Stewart emotionally explained.

“Dirty Weekend” is available to purchase online at