After three years, Jeff Lewis returns to television.

The interior designer’s new show “Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis” follows him as he takes on renovation projects with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Due to the pandemic, Lewis said he had to wait over a year for the show to move forward.

“Hollywood Houselift” differs from “Flipping Out” and “Interior Therapy” as it focuses more on the clients instead of his personal life.

“With ‘Flipping Out,’ it was probably 75% about my life and 25% about the clients. There was always a lot of drama, they focused a lot on the workplace and the employee drama,” he explained. “Now my life is a little calmer and more balanced, and so I would say it’s reversed.”

On the show, Lewis works with some big names like Anthony Anderson and Mira Sorvino. Of course, when it comes to million dollar renovations, disagreements are inevitable.

“Mira and I conflicted a little bit because we had different design aesthetics and a different kind of vision,” he explained. “But actually she ended up being right in the end because I think she got exactly what she wanted and she was very happy.”

Lewis and Anderson did butt heads, but that didn’t ruin their relationship as they still work together.

“He and I conflict but we’re also very similar,” Lewis explained. “I think if I was very sensitive he would probably reduce me to tears on the daily. But I like him.”

Fans do get a tiny peak inside of Lewis’ personal life, where he talks about his daughter Monroe. However the young girl has no intentions at the moment of pursuing interior design.

“She wants to be a mom,” Lewis said. “I don’t think she wants to get a job, but I don’t blame her,” he said jokingly.

“Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis” is streaming now for free on Amazon’s Freevee.

New episodes drop every Friday though the end of July.