Gayle Anderson reports Kelley Blue Book has just released its 2023 report on the best resale value of vehicles.

Kelley Blue Book’s annual Best Resale Value Awards recognizes the 10 individual vehicles that are projected to retain the highest percentage of their original manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). This list represents the best of the best, and the threshold for this honor is high.

These vehicles retain their value better than 95% of all other models. While the average new vehicle will be worth about 45% of its original sticker price after 60 months, these 10 vehicles will return an average of about 65% to their owners’ pockets. For a $35,000 vehicle, that works out to a meaningful difference of about $7,000 over a 5-year buy-own-sell ownership cycle. That’s why choosing a car with good resale value can often save you more money in the long run than chasing big rebates and other incentives. Here is KBB’s list of the 10 best overall resale values of 2023.

To see the complete list, check the website:

Kelley Blue Book 2023 Best Resale Value Awards:
Top Cars, Trucks, and SUVS

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Gayle Anderson reports for the KTLA 5 News on March 13, 2023.