KTLA 5’s Kirk Hawkins’ L.A. story begins in Agoura Hills.

Growing up, he appreciated his hometown’s proximity to the city and to the area’s most gorgeous beaches.

“It was the best place to grow up,” he gushed. “It’s like everything you’d expect an All-American childhood to be like.”

Kirk credits his Southern California upbringing for exposing him to various cultures and religions.

“I grew up, especially during middle school, spending almost every weekend at either a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. I think if I look back at the number, we’re talking well over 60,” he explained. “This is so special because I was raised in a Christian family. Being able to go to all these Bar and Bat Mitzvahs was such an important experience for me and it was the best.”

While at Agoura Hills High School, he was on the school’s swim and water polo teams and was crowned prom prince.

One thing’s for sure, Kirk has always had a loveable personality. He was voted “Favorite Senior” when he graduated high school.

His love for water prompted him to take a job at Thousand Oaks’ Daland Swim School when he was a teen.

“I think the key to helping little kids swim is patience,” he laughed. “Just taking your time, being comfortable with the fact that it’s a marathon, it’s not a sprint.”

After high school, he went to the University of California, Santa Barbara. Following graduation, he worked at various news stations across the country until finally landing at KTLA in late 2014.

Not only is he a successful journalist, he’s also thriving as a real estate agent.

“Whether it’s in my real estate life or it’s on television, we’re constantly seeing these stories of people that have been able to make their dreams a reality here,” Kirk explained. “I grew up in the suburbs, I watched all of these really amazing people on the news and now I get to sit with them.”

“I love it when Sam Rubin, Chris Schauble, Megan Henderson and Frank Buckley all ask me for my advice. It’s the greatest compliment ever,” he exclaimed. “It’s a crazy full-circle moment. I’m constantly recognizing how grateful I am that this is my life.”

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