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Krav Maga Worldwide™ and Krav Maga Association of America present a special Krav Maga self-defense seminar on board the historic USS Iowa. The seminar will take place on January 21st from 1pm to 3pm. Lead by one of Krav Maga Worldwide’s™ expert instructors, the seminar will cover a variety of self-defense techniques, and will utilize this very unique training environment!

This seminar is absolutely FREE and open to the public, ages 5 & up. Participants ages 5 -15 must be accompanied by an adult. No previous Krav Maga experience is necessary.

Free Krav Maga Worldwide Class
Wednesday, January 21st 2015
USS Iowa
Pacific Battleship Center
Battleship USS IOWA BB-61
250 South Harbor Blvd.
San Pedro, CA  90731