The latest premium earbuds from Google, Samsung and Apple are better than ever. Here’s a comparison of the three top premium earbuds and a budget alternative sure with a price and features sure to be music to your ears.

Google Pixel Buds Pro, $199

Google’s Pixel Buds Pro make a great companion to the Pixel smartphone.

The comfortable case feels like a smooth stone in your hand and it charges wirelessly.

As for the buds, they fit comfortably and sound good, but during activity, they did fall out of my ears more than I’d like.

There’s active noise cancellation and Google Assistant on demand is magical.

These are best if you have a Google Pixel smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro, $229

These are Samsung’s best earbuds yet.

They come in a wireless charging case, music sounds great, levels are rich, and the noise cancellation is excellent.

They fit perfectly in my ears and hardly ever fell out.

I was seriously impressed with these earbuds. They’re an easy recommendation if you have a Samsung phone.

Apple AirPods Pro Second Generation, $249

Apple’s second generation AirPods Pro have some big improvements on board.

The noise cancellation is incredible and the transparency mode, which lets you hear the world around you, is vastly improved.

AirPods Pro fit securely in my ears and the wireless charging case has a few new tricks including a lanyard loop, a speaker to let you know when charging starts and other functions, plus it has finding features built in.

The AirPods Pro 2 are a great upgrade if you have the original. You’ll love the improved audio features and the finding features make them tougher to lose.

OnePlus Nord Buds, $40

Don’t want to spend a lot on earbuds? Go with my budget recommendation: the OnePlus Nord Buds. For just $40, they sound and fit great, but there’s no noise cancellation. I featured these in a segment several months ago and I got a lot of feedback from viewers that they were excellent for the price.