It’s the setting of every KTLA newscast and now it’s brand new!

“We wanted a set that would better reflect Southern California,” explained Scott Altus, director of Creative Services at KTLA 5.

KTLA has a new studio that’s light, bright, cutting edge and distinctively SoCal.

“We wanted to give you the best possible environment to continue telling these great stories in a dynamic way,” explained Altus.

Planning for the new set started in 2021. The station wanted the new look to coincide with KTLA’s 75th Anniversary celebration in 2022.

The new studio is one of the most high-tech news sets in Los Angeles, thanks to innovative screens and adaptive lighting that’s a big part of the set.

The set is housed in a part of LA’s history since the sound stage used to be one of Warner Bros’ originals.

To create the new look and feel, we didn’t have to go too far. Our parent company, Nexstar, gave us the freedom to choose any designer. We went local.

“What we have tried to do is air the space out so it becomes much more honed in on storytelling,” explained Jeff Hall of the JHD Group. The Los Angeles based firm created the studio concepts and brought them to life.

Newscasts were moved to a smaller, temporary space while construction took place for about two months.

“What we’re doing is triangle conversations… cameras can cross shoot into one area, have another conversation with somebody, open it up,” said Hall.

Jeff gave me a tour and even clued me into some secrets of the new set.

Like a fill light on the anchor desk. It helps make anyone who’s sitting there look their best.

The sweeping backdrop is made up of dozens of 86 inch high-def screens which show SoCal scenes.

A giant pillar behind the desk adapts to the news, while a living wall connects the outdoors to the inside – complete with a walkway to get there.

One big change: a giant weather wall is now an actual video screen. No more green screen necessary.

There’s also a living room, sliding doors, and lots of places for anchors and reporters to stand.

KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on the new set

Every texture, material and color hand-picked to create a connective look and feel.

“A news set isn’t the be all end all of a newscast, but it is a place that we call home… KTLA 5 News deserves the best and we’re doing our best to give it to you,” concluded Altus.

As for the old set? Various pieces and the anchor desk were donated to local schools and their TV production departments to help foster an entirely new generation of journalists.