Big changes are coming to the Spotify app, including a brand-new home feed that looks a lot more like social media, plus the first AI DJ will be spinning a personalized playlist for you.

Spotify announced the changes at a recent event in Downtown Los Angeles called Stream On.

“It’s a little wild because it’s so big and it’s blowing up, but I’m honored and humbled to be the voice,” said Xavier “X” Jernigan, Spotify’s Head of Cultural Partnerships and now, the voice of the company’s first AI DJ.

Xavier “X” Jernigan, Spotify’s Head of Cultural Partnerships and AI DJ

“I’m giving you fun facts about how the music, I’m giving you fun facts about how you listen, I’m giving you context,” said Jernigan, who spent time in an audio booth saying words and phrases in a variety of emotions and emphasis to create the AI voice model.

Now, Spotify writers can simply type what they want him to say, and the AI brings his voice to life.

“Once my mamma said it sounded like me, I knew it was legit,” quipped Jernigan.

Spotify is also redesigning the home screen feed so that it looks a lot more like social media, but filled with content from artists and creators you love, along with samples from new folks to discover.

“This is a very exciting change, it’s probably one of the biggest and most exciting ones in many years,” explained Ziad Sultan, Spotify’s Vice President of Personalization.

Now, you can flip through a playlist TikTok style and listen to little snippets of each song so you can instantly get an idea of whether you like it.

Ziad Sultan, Spotify’s Vice President of Personalization

“That is really going to be magical when you try to make that decision about whether to try this new podcast [or to] to listen to that new release by that musician. You’ll be able to see and hear on the homepage,” explained Sultan.

It’s a big change, but I’m already on board. It’s such a better way to discover new content versus the old method of just skipping to the next song. The best part is that the snippets typically include the song’s hook so there’s less waiting to get to the best part.

Another new feature is called Countdown Pages. You might have already used this feature with the release of the recent Taylor Swift Midnights Album. Swift helped test the feature and it was a big success. It lets fans know exactly when new content is released.

“Fans get a notification that the album is released and what we’ve seen is that 80 percent of pre-savers will stream the music in the first week alone,” said Sulinna Ong, Spotify’s head of editorial.

Sulinna Ong, Spotify’s head of editorial

Finally, another new feature is called Clips. These are 30-second TikTok-style videos that let artists talk directly to fans.

“They’re really going to be able to add more color and depth to their music, a message to their fans or anything they might want people to know,” said Ong.

The goal of all these Spotify changes: To help fans connect more with their favorite content and discover something new, which all translates into more streams.