Meet baby Theo!

The youngest and tiniest member of the KTLA morning news family joined us on live alongside his mom, Jessica Holmes and big brother Levi.

Tired but glowing, Jessica introduced us to the 3-week old newborn. “The second time around is a little bit easier because you know what to expect,” she explained. “The one that takes a lot of work, still this one,” she said as she pointed to Levi.

Don’t be mistaken, his name isn’t short for “Theodore”, it’s just “Theo.”

“We had two names that we couldn’t decide between, but Theo means ‘gift from God’ and I just thought that’s was this guy is, he’s truly a gift,” Jessica explained.

Mommy and baby are doing well. Theo sleeps through the day, but “not so much” at night. He’s gained a bit of weight and now has some chubby cheeks that his mom is excited about. “He’s eating and sleeping and doing all these newborn things,” Jessica said.

While caring for a new baby, the family’s home is undergoing a renovation, which made things a bit crazier. “When we moved back in, we didn’t have a kitchen sink,” Jessica explained. “We didn’t have things going on like we should’ve, but we made it work. We just wanted to be here with baby.”

As for Levi, he summed up the promotion to big brother as “good” and thinks his little brother looks like him — not like mom or dad.