Museum Monday! : The New Virtual Tour of President Richard Nixon’s Birthplace

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Gayle Anderson reports as the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions continue, museum across the country are working on creative ways to keep the public and museum members engaged and interested in their venues as well as working to keep museum funding intact and to help students and parents with online history studies; the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum is among the museums changing with the times.

Nixon museum officials have produced a series of virtual tours of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. There are virtual tours of the library, the museum’s garden, and the President Nixon’s birthplace.

The birthplace tours is special because it provides the kind of close up exploration visitors would not have due to federal restrictions and the birthplace virtual tour takes visitors to the sections of the home too small and too private to even allow public entry. We take a look and learn about the videographer who was given special permission and supervision to produce this virtual birthplace tour.  

Virtual Tours of the Richard Nixon Library and Museum
Virtual Video Tour of the Nixon Library
Explore President Nixon’s Birthplace
The 2020 Garden Tours Are Virtual

The “Explore President Nixon’s Birthplace” Virtual Tour was produced by Philip Coombes of Global Imaging Services, 1(626)644-3227.

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