Your parents and friends can now help you pick your dates on Tinder.

The dating app introduced a new feature that allows family and friends to “sign off” on potential partners.

“Hosting a dating life debrief with friends is a time honored tradition, so much so that over 75% of surveyed singles said they discuss their dating life with friends multiple times a month,” the app said in a news release. “To assist today’s singles and their dating deliberators in deeming if someone is worthy of a Like, Tinder, the world’s most popular dating app for meeting new people, is launching Tinder MatchmakerTM. The new feature lets friends and family asynchronously access Tinder to recommend profiles for a user.”

The new feature is called Matchmaker and the app says users can invite up to 15 people to help play Cupid.

Tinder's Matchmaker feature
The dating app, Tinder, has released a feature called Matchmaker. Photo: Tinder

Once they are signed in, they will have 24 hours to look over possible matches, which means they can view their profiles and give suggestions.

Don’t worry, they won’t be able to send direct messages on your behalf.

“Please note, your friends cannot Like or Nope someone on your behalf. Any swipe right action on a profile by one of your friends will show up as a recommendation,” the company said on its website.