OnePlus is known for its smooth and fast smartphones and the company’s first tablet is no different.

The OnePlus Pad has an excellent design that’s comfortable to hold, with optional accessories including a keyboard case and stylus.

It looks and feels a lot like an iPad, but tablet runs Android software. The kind nerds like me like to see: it’s clean, fast and has little bloatware. Most of the extra features are actually useful.

For example, I like how you can swipe down from the top of the screen with two fingers to split screen two apps.

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OnePlus Pad iPad tablet alternative review

Base storage is 128 gigabytes and there is no expandable memory card slot. Also, the OnePlus Pad currently comes in a single color: Halo Green.

One unique design aspect is the design: there’s a “cyclops-esque” center mounted camera on the back. The quality on both cameras is good, but you’re probably not going to be taking keepsake pictures of your kids on them.

The screen is 11.61 inches and isn’t necessarily in a widescreen format. The screen quality isn’t the best I’ve seen on a device – especially when scrolling – but it’s fine for watching movies, reading and surfing the web.

Battery life is excellent and recharging is really fast if you use the included cable and adapter.

There are some helpful features built in … like cellular data sharing and copying and pasting from your smartphone, but many of these features only work if you have a OnePlus smartphone. Don’t worry, you can still use your personal hotspot from any phone to share your cellular connection with the OnePlus Pad.

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The magnetic keyboard is small but efficient and I like how you don’t have to charge it separately.

The stylus also magnetically attaches to the top for charging, very similar to what the iPad lets you do.

Overall, the OnePlus Pad is a promising Android tablet. But there are a few things to consider.

For starters, apps on the iPad are still better. That’s just the way it is. Many of the Android tablet apps are just an afterthought, probably due to the iPads incredible tablet market share for many years now.

Also, the price tag is higher than I’d like. The OnePlus Pad is $479 and that doesn’t include the $150 keyboard or the $100 stylus.

These are iPad prices you’re paying for a product that isn’t as proven, although OnePlus says the tablet will get 3 years of Android updates and 4 years of security updates.

Keep in mind OnePlus is known to discount things so you should always be on the lookout for a sale if you’re going to purchase this tablet.

Finally, and perhaps the biggest reason to hold off right, is that Google is likely to release its Pixel Tablet soon. They first announced it back in October for a 2023 release and Google I/O is coming up on May 10.

If it’s an Android tablet you want, it’s best to wait and see how the pricing and features will compare between OnePlus and Google.