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You’ve seen it at Oscar Parties and Super Bowl celebrations, and now you can play BINGO with your fellow KTLA Weekend Morning Watchers!

Look for those quirky KTLA Weekend Morning News moments with one of the BINGO cards linked below. Then watch and play on Oscar Sunday morning, February 9th, 2020 at 6:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

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“Let’s talk weather”: One of Liberté’s favorite sayings
Tech glitch: You know it when you see it
Mester outfit inquiry: Mark asks about someone’s outfit
Someone learns a new word: Learning is a lifelong process
Bicker to break: The team is so excited by a topic, we fade to commercial while they chat
Almost inappropriate: Someone almost says something naughty but carefully avoids it, as always (!!!)
Dad joke: The best kind of joke on a weekend morning
Family story time: Will it be Mama Chan, Dr. Kermit, or someone else?
Staff appearance: A member of the KTLA Family makes an appearance
Kid on set: Our favorite visitors
“Weather-wise”: Liberté is full of sayings
Matching outfits: They can’t help but coordinate!
Breakfast spot referral: That news story is interesting but is there a breakfast burrito spot nearby?
Milk chat: Oat milk? Almond? What’s in our coffee today?
Airborne food: Someone tosses some food and (hopefully) someone catches it
Script struggle: A big stumble over a word or sentence
Writer shout-out: A thank you for great writing
8:38 Stretch Guest: a special guest appearance during the 8:38 Stretch
Someone you know on TV!: You or a friend are featured in a Hi5, Stretch, or Talk to Us
Wardrobe malfunction: Sometimes clothes don’t cooperate
Throwback photo: Someone whips out an older photo during the show
Movie reference: Will it be something from the ’90s, ’80s, or ’50s? Bonus points if more than one person knows the film!
Friends in the field: Reporter runs into a KTLA friend in the field
Newsroom shot: Any shot of the newsroom or “Flash Cam”
Free square: “I digress…”

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