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Dr. Tami Meraglia joined us live to talk about her new book “The Hormone Secret – Discover Effortless Weight Loss and Renewed Energy in Just 30 Days” In the book, Dr. Tami talks about the importance of sufficient testosterone levels in women. A healthy dosage helps women slim down, improves their mood, lowers the risk of cardiac disease, increases energy and libido, prevents osteoporosis, enhances skin tone and texture, and may even prevent cognitive decline—yet more than 90 percent of women over age forty-five suffer from low testosterone levels. In The Hormone Secret, Dr. Tami offers an evidence-based thirty-day plan to restore healthy levels of testosterone and balance the relative levels of other hormones, based on lifestyle modifications such as supplements and nutritional adjustments.   Dr. Tami is a double board certified M.D. in Cosmetic and Integrative Medicine. Dr. Tami Meraglia focuses on hormones and ways to boost and balance them. For more information on Dr. Tami including how you can purchase a copy of the book, click HERE.