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Products Featured:

Little Viper   $19.99
Most women know the benefits of carrying pepper spray with them, but the reality is, we are rarely “on guard” walking with pepper spray in our hands. So if an attack strikes, the pepper spray buried in our purse does us no good. That’s why Little Viper created the world’s first and only fashion pepper spray self-defense bracelet. Weighing only 1 oz, the Little Viper contains 3-6 bursts with a 3 foot range. Thanks to it’s low-profile design, no one would ever know you’re carrying pepper spray and you never have to worry about not being prepared in the event of an attack.

SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap Purse  $40+
Whether you’re a Bruin or a Trojan (or a Long Beach State 49er like I was), SHOLDIT offers tons of collegiate colors so students can show their school pride. Or, for the stylish student, SHOLDIT has just released a brand new collection of fashion-forward styles like houndstooth and leopard. The SHOLDIT Clutch Wrap purse is a stylish way for college students to carry their college necessities and valuables. Stick your cell phone, ID card, pens, earbuds and more into the hidden zipper pocket to ensure your college must-haves are safe and close at heart.

Safe Flash Personal Reflector
College campuses and neighborhoods are chock full of students walking at all hours.  All this walking is good for you but it does present certain hazards.  To help eliminate one, students should make sure to wear the Safe Flash personal reflector whenever they are walking at night. These one-of-a-kind reusable reflectors are 2-sided and made from USDT approved reflective mounted on Velcro.  Just peel them open & wrap them around any strap, wire or thin pole.  They are great for things like backpacks, book bags, umbrellas, baseball hat clasps, bicycles and they are so ultra-lightweight, they can even be used on headphone wires, which is critical because the use of headphones/earbuds creates an even greater danger to pedestrians. Safe Flash reflectors are 100% weatherproof, shatter proof, easy to clean and easy to transfer from one item to another.  Prices start at just $2 and there is free shipping with every order.

The TabletSafe    $59.99
Theft in dorm rooms is unfortunately a huge problem, but with the limited space in a dorm, there’s no room for a big, heavy safe. The TabletSafe by Dorm Co is perfectly sized to lock up a college student’s valuables such as an iPad, cell phone, wallet, and cash without taking up much space. Plus, it comes with a mounting back bracket to attach to boards or round furniture poles, like a bed, so students can have peace of mind that their valuables are safe and sound.

Diversion Safes   $15-$20
Hide your dorm room valuables in plain sight with a diversion safe! These safes look like everyday products — a water bottle, cleaning supplies, or a book — making them clever hiding spots for valuables in a dorm.

Fire Gone – Dorm Fire Extinguisher   $14.95
This aerosol can-sized fire extinguisher is perfect for dorm rooms. It is ideal for college dorm life not only because of its size, but also because it can literally save the day if a fire breaks out. Unfortunately there are dorm fires every year and for the most part, these dorm fires could have been prevented if the student had the Fire Gone Dorm Fire Extinguisher handy to put out a little fire before it turned big. As small as it may be, it is a mighty force when it comes to putting out fires! A strong targeted stream goes right to the source of the fire, coating it with specially formulated fire fighting foam.

Hear Me Roar: How to Defend Your Mind, Body, and Heart Against People Who Suck     $14.95
Not only does this new age guide for women teach self defense techniques, but it also serves as a college woman’s guide to finding happiness within and self confidence. Hear Me Road teaches women self defense moves and personal safety techniques involving social media and dating, along with self confidence exercises to unleash your inner “she-beast” and become a fierce, fit, and feminine woman. This brand new book was just released this week and is sure to become every college woman’s must-read.