The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is multiple devices in one – a phone and a tablet. But if you want to join the flip side, it’s not going to be cheap, and there are some compromises.

It’s hard not to appreciate what Samsung is doing with the Galaxy Z Fold 5. Closed, it has a narrow 6.2-inch screen. Open, it’s a small tablet with a 7.6-inch screen. This year, the big improvement is in the hinge – it closes shut without a gap.

The hinge feels secure at various angles and closes shut with a reassuring snap. Still, this phone is heavier and bulkier than your typical smartphone. You’ll probably also want the $100 Slim S Pen case – the phone wobbles without it. The case also holds a stylus, which is now longer and more comfortable for writing on the screen.

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The cameras are mostly unchanged. The Fold 5 takes great photos with its main wide, standard, and 3x zoom lenses. There’s also a selfie camera on the outside screen and a 4-megapixel camera on the inside screen that’s best for video chatting.

I love how you can take a photo and see it in detail on the big screen. This year, apps like Netflix and YouTube are optimized for watching video in a semi-folded position. Games also look and play great on the big screen – your kids will love when you hand them your phone.

There are tons of multitasking and productivity features, but you’ll have to learn a lot to make the most of them.

The price is also pretty high, but for $1800, you’re getting a phone, tablet, Kindle, notebook and more in one device.

My biggest issue is how the outer screen can seem too cramped for routine tasks, while the inside screen might be too big to accomplish the same thing.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is innovative, but at times leaves you feeling stuck between two worlds. If you want to carry fewer gadgets and don’t mind the slim outer screen, the Fold 5 is a versatile device.

It’s available now. Current deals can give you up to $1000 towards the price of the Fold if you’re trading in a recent top of the line model iPhone or Samsung, plus Samsung is doubling the storage to 512 GB for the same price as the entry level 256 GB device. Keep in mind, these deals can change at any time.