We know KTLA reporter Lynette Romero has many talents, but did you know she could get you married?

Over the weekend she officiated the wedding of KTLA photographer Dave Lopez and his wife Rosa Ordaz, who works for KNBC.

The newly-married couple met in 2017 at a Thanksgiving turkey giveaway, despite crossing paths numerous times before. “She was there volunteering, and he was covering the news,” explained Romero. “She knocked on his window of the news van and offered him a can of peas.”

It turns out Lopez saved that can of peas, and gave it to Romero to be featured on the big day.

Romero recalled when Lopez first revealed he was seeing someone special many years ago. “It was like this smile, I could just tell. When I talked to her [Rosa] she’s like ‘there was something about when I would hold his hand I felt like I could feel his heart. It was warm and strong.”

Could this story get any cuter?

We wish Dave and Rosa a lifetime of love and happiness.