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Handwriting Without Tears Spokesperson Suzanne Baruch Asherson joined us live to demonstrate a simple and efficient way to learn cursive.

Los Angeles teachers, therapists and parents will gather on August 23rd for a Handwriting Without Tears workshop.  At the workshop they will learn to teach a simpler and more efficient version of cursive than the cursive they may remember learning.

Studies have shown that learning cursive has been shown to improve brain development in areas of the brain involved in thinking, language and working memory.

While the teaching of cursive has been debated in some schools across the country, California is among the states that voted to include cursive in their state standards for the Common Core.

Learning cursive could help students with the California State High School Exit Exam and the SAT.  The College Board found that students who wrote in cursive scored slightly higher than those who printed, on the handwritten section of the SAT the first year that they added this section.  Experts believe this is because cursive is faster and efficient, therefore allowing students to focus more on content.

Activities Parents Can Encourage To Help Students Master Cursive

1)       Everyday usage- notes, shopping lists, cards.  Children often view cursive as a “grown up” skill and are eager to learn and practice it

2)       Encourage children to ‘write for fun’ using cursive in activities, such as formulating their signature, starting a journal or writing to a pen pal.

3)       Teach them wet-dry-try…a multisensory activity that uses a miniature blackboard, sponges and chalk.

4)       Introduce the Magic C Bunny who makes learning cursive letter formation fun through song and games and teaches letters in the way they are created instead of alphabetical order

For more information, visit the Handwriting Without Tears website.

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