Your Online Invitation to a $100,000 Dream Wedding

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By: Rich DeMuro
Feb. 11, 2013

The votes are in and one lucky couple will get to have their $100,000 dream wedding. And, thanks to one website, everyone’s invited.

Voters at selected Sierra Dickens and Andre Mercier as the winners of a $100,000 dream wedding.

On Feb. 14, their wedding will be live-streamed from Bryant Park in New York across multiple channels including the dream wedding site from The Knot, Facebook and Youtube.

“You never really expect to win the grand prize in any sort of contest like this,” Mercier said. “It was the social media that really won this wedding for us.”

The couple’s entry video described them meeting as potential roommates through an online classifieds and then falling in love.

“I think it’s a super unique story and a real, true love story,” Dickens said. “I’ve had so many friends who’ve been really inspired by our love story.”

Now everyone can contribute to their wedding plans. Everything from the formalwear to the flowers and honeymoon destination were selected by the public on

“One thing that most people love about this is that everyone feels like they’re a part of our wedding because everyone is voting on all the elements,” Mercier said.

The couple is also looking to give back by turning their honeymoon into a charity trip.

“We feel so blessed and so fortunate to have won this wedding that we just want to pay it forward as much as we can,” Mercier said.

Mercier and Dickens hope they can start a trend of paying it forward by starting a program networking travel agents with newlyweds to do volunteer work around the world.

“Our ultimate goal in life is to be philanthropists,” Dickens said.

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