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By: Rich DeMuro
Mar. 8, 2013

Virtual technology is changing the ways we learn and play. A group of researchers at USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies have developed applications enhancing education and games.

Glimpse, USC’s new digital technology showcase, displays everything from holograms to better voice recognition.

The Mixed Reality Lab transports people to new places straight from their phone.

“What we’re showcasing today is a series of immersive viewers that allow a user to have a virtual experience just with the phone in their pocket,” said David Nelson, the project manager for the Mixed Reality Lab.  “By using the camera on your phone you can look at the world in front of you and add elements that aren’t really there.”

The viewer may be used for game development, education and training applications in the future, Nelson said.

A another project, New Dimensions in Testimony in association with the Shoah Foundation, allows people to have virtual conversations across time by combining advanced voice, film and display techniques.

The project will allow people to have conversations with people from history who may no longer be living. This could be used in classrooms, museums or personal use.

“We have technology that understands what you say and figures out what’s the right response,” said David Traum, director of Natural Language Group.

A virtual reality feature allows the entire living room to be a part of a video game.

“Instead of using conventional controllers with joysticks and buttons, you use motion controls to fully embody a virtual space,” said James Iliff of Project Holodeck.

While many of these products are still in testing phases, researchers at USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies are optimistic for its application in the future.