Ad-Supported Car Sharing Service Lets You Drive For Free

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A new startup gives you a free rental car, but there is a catch.

A new startup called WaiveCar is giving customers a free rental car two hours. Recently I met up with CEO Isaac Deutsch who explained how it all works.

WaiveCar CEO Isaac Deutsch

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Deutsch says he got the idea from living in New York City, where advertising is everywhere.


You sign up for WaiveCar using the app. You need a driver’s license and credit card. The company runs a quick background check before you can drive. Your first two hours are free, after that it’s $5.99 an hour.

waivecar app

Every car is an all electric Chevy Spark. You pick it up and drop it off in Santa Monica, where you drive it is up to you. As soon as you walk near the car with your phone, it unlocks.


The cars are wrapped in one giant static ad. A military grade screen on top shows digital ads. These can change depending on the time of day and even the location where you are driving the car.


WaiveCar let me drive around with a picture of me on the digital screen. I was curious to see if people around Santa Monica noticed the ad, or the fact that it was me driving the car. Most of the time, it seemed people were more into their phones.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 5.27.24 AM

If you pick up and drop off the car within the two hour time frame, it’s totally free. Keep it longer and you’re billed for the extra time. The app will even alert you if you need to get the car back to charge it up.


Right now WaiveCar has a fleet of 20 cars but hopes to expand to 400 cars in various cities soon.

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