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A popular fitness app and one of my personal favorites is adding pilates classes and we tried it out! 

I told you about the audio-guided fitness app, Aaptiv, back in February and since then, it’s become one of my favorite ways to work out!

The Aaptiv team has been busy making improvements, including video demos and now, pilates! Done correctly, pilates can be a great workout.

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Recently, my producer, Meghan, got to try out the new Aaptiv pilates classes with Jeni Delpozo who has been teaching for 8 years in real life.

She says, “I always like to tell people it loosens what’s tight and tightens what’s loose!”

Now she’s also a pilates instructor inside the Aaptiv app, too!

“I love pilates because it’s not just the flexibility part of it. It’s so much strength training, so much core work. I’m more flexible now than I ever was when i was a dancer,” mentions Delpozo.

Aaptiv is an audio-guided workout app. It’s basically like having a personal trainer in your ear.

“We are so well-versed in making sure that we are cuing to get the most out of your workouts and especially with an audio app that’s what its all about,” says Delpozo.

The app has hundreds of guided workouts to choose from in all kinds of categories, pilates is their latest.

Jeni actually designed 4 of the 8 pilates classes offered on the app!

Back in February, I tried out the app and I’ve been using it ever since. Aaptiv’s audio approach to fitness gives the motivation you need and confidence to try new ways of working out.

“We’re in your ear the entire time to make sure that you’re doing it correctly and giving you the best cues we can to get you the most out of your workout,” says Delpozo.

Pilates can help your mind and body, plus improve your posture and strengthen your core – something Tech Smart producer Meghan found out first hand!

Aaptiv is $100 a year after a free trial, my advice is to sign up online, instead of going through the app.

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