A Speed Test of Sprint’s 5G Service in Los Angeles

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Sprint expands it’s 5G network to more cities and we ran a speed test!

It’s still very early for 5G wireless, but carriers continue to bring faster speeds to new places. We’re taking a look at Sprint’s new 5G service, which takes a different approach than AT&T and Verizon.

We love our cell phones and 5G will make the things we do on them faster!

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“There is a myriad of new opportunities and some of them we don’t know yet, that will be enabled by 5G,” says Sandro Tavares, head of mobile networks marketing at Nokia. 5G represents next generation mobile networks.

This week, Sprint activated 5G service in Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix and Washington D.C. The company calls it true mobile 5G since they’re taking a different approach than AT&T and Verizon.

Those companies are using technology called millimeter wave which gives you higher speeds but the signals don’t travel as far. Sprint opting for slightly lower speeds in favor of more broad coverage.

“Our goal is to make this anytime, anywhere so if you want to download a big movie or something like that you can get it quickly, you’re not waiting,” mentions Mark Loarie, director of the Southwest Region at Sprint.

To access the speedier new network, you’ll need a new phone, OnePlus and Samsung have them!

When you get a good 5G signal, the speeds are amazing, but there are plenty of places still without it.

Unless you’re an early adopter with a need for speed, it’s probably best to wait to see how these new networks develop.

Besides the added speeds, there’s one other important aspect to 5G – there’s less delay to the signal, which means less time between when you click and when things happen in games, websites and downloads.

If you want to see if Sprint’s 5G coverage is offered where you live check out this map here!

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