Tech Smart: Apple’s new laptop, Summer Game Fest & the workout app that tracks your moves in 3D

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Here’s a look at what’s happening in the tech world!

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Apple’s New 13″ MacBook Pro

Apple’s new 13 inch MacBook Pro has what the company calls their “magic keyboard.”

Wall Street Journal columnist Joanna Stern was on a mission to get Apple to improve their keyboards.

Joanna Stern, Wall Street Journal

“They weren’t great to type on; they were very flat, the keys sort of didn’t press down like normal keys and so now with this new magic keyboard, they’ve gone back to a mechanism inside called a scissor mechanism, which really does actually press down the keys like a scissor and it feels like you’re really typing on a keyboard,” explained Stern.

Apple’s new 13″ MacBook Pro also has double the storage and faster performance. It starts at $1,300 and is available now.

Summer Game Fest

Usually, a big video game show called E3 is held every June in downtown Los Angeles. Of course, this year that’s not happening because of COVID-19 concerns. Now, there’s something new to fill the void!

It’s called Summer Game Fest. It’s an all-digital celebration running online from May to August. It’s an important year for video games, with two new consoles arriving.

“Inside of the Summer Game Fest, you’re going to get a first look at the new Xbox, the new Playstation, incredible games that are also coming out this year,” said Geoff Keighley, the event’s creator.

Keighley is well known in the video game space, he’s also the force behind the annual The Game Awards event.

There will be updates from major publishers including Activision, Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Sony and more. Fans will even be able to play trials of some of the upcoming games, at home, of course.

The best part: Summer Game Fest is all free.

“My hope is that at the end of the summer, gamers won’t look back and say ‘oh, I’m so sad that E3 didn’t happen,’ they’re going to be really excited that they got to experience games in a new way,” said Keighley.

Onyx Fitness App

Onyx is a new fitness app that uses computer vision to help you work out and it even creates a highlight reel you can post to social media. The app uses the iPhone’s True Depth camera to track your exercising in 3D. The feature works on iPhone X and up.

Onyx can even correct your form and count your reps since the app basically “sees” you while you workout. Afterwards, you get a short highlight reel of your exercising that you can share on social media.

Onyx is free with premium content available through a subscription that runs about $15 a month.

I tried a few of the app’s workouts and they are short and sweet. I really enjoyed getting the real-time feedback from the virtual personal trainer, who told me things like “be sure to look up at your arm as you lift it to the sky” and “make sure your back is totally flat” while I worked out.

As for my highlight reel, let’s just say I may or may not be posting that to social media for all to see.

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