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Fires in the West have made air quality an issue for many across the country. Ironically, at a time when fewer cars are on the road. We consulted an expert about some of the best websites to check air quality and the best purifiers to clean the air around you.

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“Really, it was a remarkable period where Los Angeles had some of the cleanest air in the United States, and that’s not something we can say very often,” started Brian Sheridan, development director at the Coalition for Clean Air.

“We’ve been fighting for clean air since 1971,” explained Sheridan.

Brian Sheridan, development director at the Coalition for Clean Air

You’ve probably checked air quality on your smartphone – it’s even displayed right on Apple Maps.

“There’s a whole revolution that’s happened in the last 5 years where these low-cost monitors have been able to show people at a neighborhood scale, in real-time, what their air quality looks like in their home and in their communities,” said Sheridan.

Living close to a freeway, port or distribution center could put you at a higher risk for breathing issues.

“Anything over 150 parts per million you’re going to want to watch what you’re doing,” said Sheridan.

You can do a quick check of your local air quality on websites including Air Visual and Purple Air. Air Visual also has a popular air quality app you can install on your phone or smartwatch.

You can also cleanse the air around you with a purifier. Here are Brian’s recommendations:

Germ Guardian has a 180° radius. “It’s got a charcoal filter, it’s got a HEPA filter, that’s really important,” explains Sheridan.

Germ Guardian

He also likes the IQAir Atem desk filter. “It’s got a HyperHEPA filter inside and it really does a great job of cleaning your particular space where you’re at,” says Sheridan.

IQAir Atem Desk filter

Wynd Plus has a built-in air monitor. “Another great personal air filter. It’s going to get 99% of particulate matter,” said Sheridan.

Wynd Plus

Then, there is a way to go DIY! Just attach a standard HVAC filter to a box fan. You can find many videos on YouTube for directions.

“It’s imperative that we take steps to protect our health and improve air quality in our communities,” concluded Sheridan.

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