It seems like every price tag is higher these days.

“People are also feeling the pinch from inflation and the economy … so they’re saying if I’m going to save a buck or two I’m going to do it,” explained George Kamel, a finance expert with Ramsey Solutions.

“Every day I’m helping people spend less, save more and avoid a lot of money traps out there,” said Kamel.

Recently, he shared some tips on the best apps to help shoppers save money and get cash back.

His first tip: shop on your computer, not your phone, so you can better take advantage of money saving browser extensions.

His top pick: Honey.

This is one of my favorites, too. Once you install it on your web browser, it will hop into action when you visit a shopping site. It can reveal better prices on other sites or promo codes that can save you money.

“The best part is, it tests out all the promo codes available for me, automatically,” said Kamel.

The codes are typically the best out there and work to find you discounts if one is available.

RetailMeNot is similar, but results may vary.

“I have found over the years there’s a lot of bad and false promo codes and so it can be a big time waster,” explained Kamel.

When it comes to cash back on your online purchases, Rakuten is best.

“The drawback to Rakuten is that they only pay out quarterly so if you’re looking to make money and get that cash back on a regular basis, you’re going to have to wait. It only happens a few times a year,” said Kamel.

For cash back on in-store purchases, check out Ibotta. It takes a bit of planning since you need to add offers first before you shop.

“This can be a great way to get cash back but it’s only for specific brands. So, I don’t you making a purchase just because you get cash back,” explained Kamel.

Fetch Rewards is easier since you can earn points by uploading receipts from any store or restaurant, just know that those rewards might not be worth a whole lot.

“The key with Fetch is it gives you gift cards and magazines back so you can’t get cold hard cash out of Fetch at this time,” said Kamel.

Target shoppers can save by using the company’s Target Circle Rewards program. It’s Target’s version of a loyalty card. You get 1% back on your purchases to use as a credit towards future purchases. If you want to bump that up to 5% back, you can sign up for the Target Red Card.

Kamel only recommends doing this for the debit option, not the credit card. The debit option requires you to link your checking account, so purchases are automatically deducted from it.

Also, be sure to sort Target Circle Offers (their version of digital coupons) inside the app by Discount to find the biggest savings. You can do this by opening the Target app, tapping Target Circle Offers, then hit All, then tap Show All, then tap Sort by and choose Discount.

Finally, Swagbucks doesn’t require any shopping and gives you cash back for your time and effort.

“You can play video games, you can watch videos, you can take surveys, so they have a lot of ways that you can get that cash back, but the points don’t always add up based on your time,” concluded Kamel.