You know it’s happened to you: You’re typing (or dictating!) a message on the iPhone, and it seems to say what you want.

But as soon as you hit send, Autocorrect strikes and now your message has a word in there that you didn’t mean to say.

Too late, there’s nothing you can do.

Until now!

At Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC, Apple showed off a new feature in iOS 16 that will let you edit a word in a message you already sent or even unsend an entire message.

This will no doubt save some embarrassing moments and, in the least, those correction texts that try to explain what happened.

Apple said it will work on “recently sent” messages, up to 15 minutes after you send them. Keep in mind, this feature will only work when sending messages to other iPhones, not Android.

Also, if you’ve ever deleted a text and need it back, you’ll now be able to recover a recently deleted message as well. Deleted messages will be stored for 30 days before they are permanently deleted.

Finally, you’ll be able to mark a message as unread so you can come back to it later.

The new features will be in a free software update in iOS 16, which arrives this Fall. It will require an iPhone 8 and up to work.

There were other new features and hardware revealed at WWDC.

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iOS 16 will let you customize your lock screen with new fonts, widgets and colors that match your wallpaper. There is also support for new “live” notifications that automatically update. These are handy for monitoring an arriving Uber or food delivery.

A new feature called Safety Check is aimed at helping curb abusive relationships. It will reset your personal information you might have shared with a partner like your location. It will also log you out of iMessage on any other device so the person can’t spy on what you’re saying.

A new Medications app tracks the medicine, vitamins and supplements you take. It can remind you to take them with notifications and give you any information on drug interactions.

Apple is also getting into the popular Buy Now, Pay Later space with a new feature called Apple Pay Later. It allows you to split a purchase into four equal payments over 6 weeks, with no interest or fees.

New hardware includes a redesigned MacBook Air and a 13 inch MacBook Pro. Both have Apple’s second generation M2 processor inside.

Apple didn’t unveil an electric car but they did show off a next-gen version of CarPlay that powers an entire dashboard – from the center screen to the instrument cluster. Cars that take advantage of it will be announced late next year.

California continues to provide names for Apple’s desktop operating system. The next version will be called macOS Ventura.

Apple says it was inspired by the areas colorful wildflowers and surf.

One big rumor that did not come true: Apple didn’t show off a virtual reality headset or even the software to power one. Guess we’ll have to wait for the next event for any surprises.

Apple is expected to hold an event in September where we should see the iPhone 14 models.