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Security cameras and alarm systems may provide peace of mind at home, but what about when you’re out and about? Maybe it’s a late night walk in an unfamiliar place or walking to your car from home later than usual.

An app called Bond wants to be by your side to provide safety, security and peace of mind. They employ “security agents” that are available 24/7 through your phone to keep a watchful eye over you.

All you have to do is open the app and you can be connected to an agent in seconds through a video call or a text on your phone.

“When we call 911, it needs to be an emergency. Well, how many times do we have to pick up the car in a dark parking garage? We feel uncomfortable, it’s not an emergency. We walk alone at night, we’re uncomfortable, it’s not an emergency,” explained Doron Kempel, CEO of Bond.    

Doron Kempel, CEO of Bond

“This is a service that we call Video Monitor Me. People use that when they walk to their car in the dark or when they encounter somebody that they don’t know,” explains Kempel.

Bond operates a command center similar to an emergency dispatch center. The team is made up of former dispatchers, EMTs and social workers.

“As a security agent, our mission is to be more proactive, so if people are nervous walking to work or walking to the train station, waiting for the subway… nothing has really happened, yet but they still need help,” explained Edward Conklyn, a security agent at Bond.

The app has a feature called ‘Ready an Agent,” which you can activate when you feel nervous or want an agent to track your walk or just generally keep an eye on you for a bit.

It’s not just when you’re out and about – the service can also come in handy for things like blind dates or even exchanging items in person with someone you met on an online marketplace.

“We have the input of previous FBI, police and different advisors that offer their input into how our services should be run and techniques to keep people safe,” explained Conklyn.

Bond also offers other services like roadside assistance, telemedicine and can even check in on a loved one.

Edward Conklyn, security agent at Bond

Of course, if there’s trouble, Bond will alert the proper authorities instantly and relay your situation and location.

“We want to discourage people from engaging or approaching our members, saying, ‘your on a video recorded line, I’m a personal security agent with bond,’ so they know that you’re not alone now,” concluded Conklyn.

You can use the Bond app for free as a personal emergency siren. Monthly plans with access to 24/7 security agents start at $5 a month.

Right now, healthcare workers and front line responders can get a subscription completely free.

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