CLMBR hopes to do for vertical climbing workouts what Peloton did for spinning


A new type of connected workout machine called CLMBR hopes to win over the home fitness market.

It’s a high tech take on a vertical climbing machine. If you’ve never done that type of workout, think climbing a wall for 20 or 30 minutes. There’s no seat and no way to fake it.

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The machine has a touch screen with on-demand classes along with various grips so you can target different muscle groups. A resistance knob lets you turn up the intensity.

“When you’re in the CLIMBR you’re in a natural primal position… it’s a cross crawl movement, it’s something that’s very innate to the human body and the way we move,” explained Brett Lange, CLMBR’s Brand Director.

Classes range from 5 to 45 minutes, they’re taught by instructors from a studio in Denver, where the company is headquartered.

Getting on the CLMBR is easy, and after some adjustments I was on my way, climbing through a workout that’s immediately intense.

On screen metrics help you track your effort and progress, you can even see how many “feet” you’ve climbed.

Within minutes, my muscles were feeling it. There’s no seat to fall back on, so the workout requires continuous effort.

After just 10 minutes, my heart rate was in a serious moderate to hard zone. I was breathing heavy and honestly, it all felt great.

CLMBR is one of the best workouts I’ve ever done on a machine. It felt like my entire body was being challenged immediately and with some more time, I imagine some serious results would follow. I want to do it again.

CLMBR is $2800 plus $40 a month for a membership, which includes the digital classes. It’s a price tag in line with other premium connected workout products but still steep. CLMBR hopes to open more studios in big cities where you can take group classes on the machines and place them in gyms, hotels and more.

Perhaps that’s how I’ll get to experience this amazing workout again.

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