Content creators stray from their typical topics to get real with their audiences about racism, activism


YouTubers, influencers and content creators are usually entertaining us and talking about the latest gadgets, but these days they are taking time out to give their thoughts on racism, equality, and more.

“I felt that I needed to do something and get it off of my chest,” said Ant Pruitt, host at the tech network TWiT. He posted a video to YouTube titled Just My Everyday Life.

Ant Pruitt, Host

In it, Pruitt says, “where I’m from, I experienced and witnessed racism as if it was as normal as the sun rising and setting.”

In the fifteen-minute long “stream of consciousness” video he discusses his feelings on everything from growing up in the south to racism and more.

“The message was keep using love, keep spreading love, and be a model of what you’d like to see,” said Pruitt, who connected with me from his home studio in Northern California.

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Other creators have shared similar messages.

Lamarr Wilson has nearly 2 million subscribers on YouTube and usually uploads entertaining unboxing videos. You might see him talking about LEGO toys one day and a sugary new cereal the next.

But his latest upload was much more serious.

YouTuber Lamarr Wilson

“No one’s asking for black people to be treated above you, just a level playing field. That’s all we ask for,” said Wilson in a video he posted to IGTV.

“Even if you don’t know what to do, sharing something just saying you know, hey we see you, that’s all. I’ll handle the rest,” said Wilson.

Social media entrepreneur Roberto Blake is known for his motivational videos that teach creators how to run a business.

“Do everything to educate yourself about these issues. Do everything you can to give a voice to the voiceless. Do everything you can to promote black creators, creators of color,” said Blake in a video he posted to Twitter.

“It’s impossible to stay quiet right now, at least for me,” started Krystal Lora, who is popular on YouTube for her slickly produced smartphone camera comparison videos.

YouTuber Krystal Lora

Her recent tweets have focused on Black Lives Matter, petitions for change and inspiring others to get out and vote.

“I know what it’s like to feel left out and even though I’m not black, I think it’s important that all voices are heard right now. We can’t just expect people from the black community to speak up, we all have to speak up. That’s what’s most important for change,” concluded Lora.

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