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What’s the first thing you do when you buy a new smartphone?

You probably accessorize it with a case and screen protector.

Now, a Rancho Cucamonga startup named Craft&Ride is applying that same logic to one of the world’s most popular electric skateboards.

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Father and son, Mike and Nick Vitale, fell in love with the smart, electric skateboard called Onewheel but felt they could make it even better.

“How do we take it to the next level, personalize it, but make it also better, perform better and give the customer a better experience,” said Mike Vitale of Craft&Ride.

Their business is now one of the top sellers of Onewheel accessories – everything from magnetic fenders to comfy and grippy foot pads. Even decals for the sides.

“We saw an idea, we couldn’t keep it in stock, it went from one product to well over 100,” said Vitale.

If it all seems very smartphone accesory-esque, that’s no coincidence. Dad spent over 20 years in the smartphone business.

Since Craft&Ride isn’t affiliated with Onewheel, they have to wait for the new model just like everyone else.

“The minute it comes in its strip it down, get the designers on it figure out what we need to do,” explained Vitalie.

The self-balancing board is a mix of snowboarding, skateboarding and a Segway. Onewheel devices are made by a Santa Cruz, California based company.

I tried riding the Onewheel and found it tricky to get the hang of immediately, but with some practice it seems like it could be a lot of fun.

“Once you get the hang of it…riding it is like second nature,” explained Nick Vitale. “It’s going to take cars off the road and it’s going to bring people to work in ways like never before.”