$1 USB Cables? Step Inside One of China’s Vast “Gadget Malls”

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Gadgets as far as the eyes can see – check out one of China’s famous electronics malls.

China is known for electronics so while I was there on assignment for CE China I knew I had to check out one of their famous “gadget malls.”

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Imagine an electronics superstore stacked on top of an electronics superstore stacked on top of an electronics superstore. It’s that many gadgets. Everything from $1 USB cables to the tiniest electronics and computer components.

Even a wide angle lens can't capture how many electronics you'll find here!
Even a wide angle lens can’t capture how many electronics you’ll find here!

We visited just one of the many stores in the area offering up gadgets. I saw everything from fake iPhones for $40 to premium headphones for a fraction of the retail price.

Brand name packaging doesn't necessarily mean it's the real thing.
Brand name packaging doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the real thing.
Kid in a candy store.
Kid in a candy store.
10 floors. The first one was literally all types of lights.
Looks like a Chromecast, but look closer.
Looks like a Chromecast, but look closer.
Another similar looking product.
Another similar looking product.
Need a particular cable? You'll find it here.
Need a particular cable? You’ll find it here.
Outside the electronics district.
Outside the electronics district.

If you happen to find yourself in Shenzhen, here is a map of where this electronics district is located!

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