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There’s an Airbnb for everything these days – your garage, your pool, and now, your backyard. A startup named Sniffspot lets homeowners rent out their backyards to dog owners for some extra cash.

We visited a Sniffspot location in Thousand Oaks to see how it all works.

“One of the popular spots is the chaise lounges out here on the point. Unless you bring somebody with you, it’s going to be you only on our property at that time,” explained homeowner Jen Gutierres, who has a listing on the website.

She gave us a tour of her sprawling 10-acre mountaintop ranch she affectionately calls Quail View, which she rents out for $19 an hour.

“I think on the best month I made 400 dollars, said Gutierres.

“We’re going quickly… at 10 or 15 percent every month. We’re seeing a tremendous amount of interest both from people that have land and from people that have dogs and are looking for safe spaces for those dogs,” said David Adams, founder of Sniffspot.

He came up with the idea while his girlfriend (now wife) was traveling and needed a place to take their dog to play and go to the bathroom.

“There are all kinds of things that are drawbacks to dog parks being free and open…despite them being an important service and Sniffspot is really a solution to all that… the idea of Sniffspot is safety, said Adams via Zoom.

The website takes a commission on each booking, in exchange they provide marketing and insurance.

“We actually provide first of its kind liability insurance for our hosts that gives 2 million dollars of liability coverage,” said Adams.

Still, before you turn your backyard into a dog park it might be best to do your homework.

“I know these apps say they have all this insurance, but I would definitely look into your homeowner insurance before you do that,” said Jason Tieri, host of The Gig Economy Podcast.

Guests review locations, locations review guests, all to ensure everyone is doing their “duty.”

Homeowner Jen Gutierres listed her backyard on Sniffspot

I think fellow dog owners they know… they gotta pick up after their pet… and they do,” concluded Gutierres.