Facebook now lets you block political ads; Here’s how to do it

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Facebook announced its biggest voter initiative yet: the social network hopes to get 4 million people to register to vote.

They’re also adding a box at the top of Facebook’s newsfeed and on Instagram filled with information on how to register, request mail-in ballots, pertinent deadlines and more.

On the flip side, Facebook says it will also allow you to turn off political ads.

You can do this in two ways.

  • First, when you see an ad, tap the info box on it. It’s the one with a little “i” in a circle.
  • Next, tap “see fewer ads about this topic.”

Alternatively, you can open the Facebook app and go into Settings. On Android, this is the button with three lines in the upper right hand corner of your screen. On iOS, it’s the button with three lines in the lower right hand of your screen.

  • Scroll down and tap “Settings & Privacy” to expand, then tap Settings.
  • At the top of the screen in the search bar, type in “Ad” to bring up Ad Preferences and tap it.
  • Next, look for “Hide Ad Topics” and you should see a section for “Social Issues, Elections or Politics.” Tap to see fewer ads about the topic. If you don’t have the Topic listed, the ability to hide political ads hasn’t rolled out to your account yet. Facebook says it should arrive within the next few weeks.

“At Facebook, we want to give people the power to build community and come closer together and one way to do this is to make sure that you have the full control and power to see whatever you want to see on Facebook,” explained Ana Martinez a Policy Manager at Facebook over a Zoom interview.

PlayStation 5 details

In other news, Sony revealed more details about it’s upcoming PlayStation 5 console, which is hitting the market this holiday season.

The company will make two versions of the futuristic looking machine – one with an Ultra HD Blu Ray disc drive, another that’s all digital.

Sony is playing up exclusive content and showed off two dozen games, including the highly anticipated Marvel’s Spider-man: Miles Morales along with Gran Turismo 7, Resident Evil Village and Grand Theft Auto V.

“We got to see some gameplay, we got to see a definite step up in graphics – more of a cinematic CGI Pixar-like like quality towards games,” explained video game journalist Todd Martens of the Los Angeles Times.

Sony didn’t reveal pricing or availability just yet. Keep in mind, Microsoft is also coming out with a new Xbox Series X just in time for the holiday shopping season as well.

Adobe Photoshop Camera

If you think the filters on Instagram are cool, wait until you play with Adobe’s latest app.

Photoshop Camera puts the power of the eponymous editing program into the palm of your hand – with zero experience required to create really cool looking pictures.

Take a picture and the app uses it’s smarts to suggest the best filters, which are really more like works of art. You can totally change the look and feel of your photos and even add animated backgrounds.

Take a look at these before and after pictures.

The best part: Adobe Photoshop Camera is free for iOS and Android.

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