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Finding the motivation to work out isn’t always easy, but what if gift cards, charity donations, and even cold hard cash were on the line? Here are some apps that will pay you to get into shape!

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Source: Hero Trainer

Hero Trainer, iOS and Android

Hero Trainer is focused on gamers – and specially, taking a break from gameplay to move!

“This idea stemmed from my own personal problems staying consistent with exercising,” explained founder Yash Jain.

The app rewards you for the steps you take and the goal is 10,000 daily. You can redeem your rewards for digital items inside your favorite video games.

The app has helped gamers walk over 1 billion steps.

“Someone can earn a $10 gift card in about a month and a half,” said Jain.

Source: Charity Miles

Charity Miles, iOS and Android

Charity Miles has been around since 2012.

Take a walk, run or bike ride and earn donations for a chairty you choose from a list of pre-approved options.

So far, Charity Miles says they’ve given over $3 million dollars.

Source: Step Bet

Step Bet, iOS and Android

If you have trouble sticking to your goals, check out Step Bet.

It’s basically the Vegas of fitness. You pay to join in on a challenge, then work to accomplish each week’s goal. It could be steps, active minutes or something else.

Winners split the pot for cold, hard cash. The idea of winning (or losing!) real money is hopefully enough to motivate you.

Source: Paceline

Paceline, iOS

Paceline is an app that rewards you with the opportunity to earn weekly gift cards.

“One of the things we think is really important is people should be rewarded and recognized for the hard work, they’re putting into taking care of themselves, which actually contributes greatly to society,” said Joel Lieginger, Paceline’s founder.

Link up an Apple Watch, Garmin or Fitbit (in beta), then do what you typically do.

150 active minutes a week will help you rack up rewards, which often include gift cards to well-known retailers like Starbucks and Walmart.

“The minimum value you can is a $1 a week $5 a month and $10 a quarter… some of our longest hitting streak members who are now on 52 weeks of being on Paceline have actually redeemed more than $500 dollars worth of value,” explained Lieginger.

One thing to know: Paceline requires you to link up a credit card in order to get your rewards, something not everyone might be comfortable with.