Fitness Gadgets, Apps to Keep You Motivated

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By: Rich DeMuro
Jan. 2, 2013

It’s a New Year’s ritual. As we wake up to the start of a new year, lots of people head to the gym in hopes of a fresh start.

For many it’s the perfect opportunity.

“I think the new year is the perfect time to work out,” said Astrid McGuire a Hollywood Personal Trainer and fitness expert. “It’s a fresh start, it’s a fresh you, it’s how you want to handle the next three hundred sixty-five days.”

But, if personal motivation is coming up short, maybe some high tech gadgets can help.

It doesn’t get much simpler than the 60 dollar Fitbit Zip. No need to even charge it, just clip the device onto your body and it keeps track of steps, distance and calories.

Be sure to calibrate it before you get started, in my tests the numbers seemed a bit inflated.

Next is the re-introduction to Up by Jawbone. After an embarrassing start the company reintroduced the device with some much needed fixes.

Wear it day and night; It keep track of your daily actions in relation to a daily goal. It even tracks your sleep to show you how rested you are after your workout. It’s easy to sync, but you have to plug it in each time, which gets old.

Our favorite of the bunch though, was Nike’s Fuel Band.

It’s easy to wear all day, plus the display gives you instant feedback about how close you are to your daily activity goal.

The only major downside to these fitness bands is the maintainence. You have to remember to keep them charged and plugged in. And that might be harder than the workout itself.

If you’re not into wearing a new accessory, try an app like Runkeeper for iOS and Android.

It uses the GPS on your smartphone to track your activities.

Another great app, Gympact uses money to motivate you.

Set your goal and a budget. Then, pay up if you skip the gym or get paid if you meet your goal.

Whether it’s an app or a new gadget, the point is to motivate you for the new year and for the new you.

“Working out releases endorphins, it gives you mental clarity, you’re not as stressed,” said McGuire. “And it’s crazy how good you feel after when it’s over. The first five minutes is a little rough.”

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