Ford Fusion Energi Combines Electric and Hybrid

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By: Rich DeMuro

It’s the best of both worlds, electric and hybrid. We’re taking another Tech Report test drive, this time with the Ford Fusion Energi.

The Fusion Energi works both as a gas powered car and a plug-in hybrid, meaning you the get equivalent of more than 100 miles to the gallon.

Sporting a newly designed hood inspired by the Aston Martin, the Fusion Energi is definitely a car that’ll get you noticed–both in aggressive styling and in energy efficiency.

“What’s unique about the Fusion Energi is it can work like an electric vehicle,” said Mazen Hammoud, Chief Engineer of Electrified Power Trained Systems at Ford. “If you live ten miles from work, you can go back and forth using all electric energy without ever having to gas up the car.”

Though it’s easy to compare the Fusion Energi to all electric cars, Ford says the Energi is actually in a different class of cars.

“Well what’s different between a Volt and an all new Fusion Energi is that this car is actually a plug in hybrid,” said Samantha Hoyt from Ford. “So once you’ve depleted your battery and gone your 21 miles in Electric Vehicle (EV) mode it turns into a hybrid. You just get phenomenal fuel economy no matter what mode you are driving in.”

In comparison, once the battery drains on the Chevy Volt, it runs on just a regular gas engine.

“We are giving the customer a no compromise solution,” Hammoud adds. “The fuel economy, the electric drive, and a fun to drive car.”

Inside the cabin, tech options include the MyFord Touch powered by Sync for multimedia, dual LCD SmartGauge Cluster EcoGuide that provides real-time hybrid information, and the ability to connect with the MyFord Mobile app.

The Fusion Energi is fun to drive and provides a good balance of muscle and control.

But what makes this car really special is that it gives you the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint like no other car in its class.

The Fusion Energi starts at about $40,000.

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