Making pizza in your backyard is delicious, but you typically need an expensive built-in brick oven to do it.

Now, a company named Gozney is making high tech pizza ovens inspired by professional setups, but as easy as a backyard grill.

“It’s so enjoyable and it’s so customizable so you can always do things differently,” started Tom Gozney, creator of Gozney outdoor ovens.

He’s spent more than a decade helping people perfect cooking pizza.

“It was after making pizza in my conventional oven one evening at home pizza was soggy and rubbish, so I decided to build my own hand-built oven in the garden,” explained Gozney.

But an expensive, hand-built oven isn’t realistic for everyone, so he took what he learned and made more approachable models.

“It took a ton of engineering for us to actually make an oven that’s really lightweight work like a larger stone oven,” said Gozney.

The $500 Roccbox was an instant hit thanks to its simplicity and results.

The $1800 Dome features a rolling flame and the ability to use wood or gas to cook.

“It’s like this fusion of ancient and modern… it was like Apple came along and had a baby with a 200-year-old Neapolitan oven,” quipped Gozney.

At a recent event in Los Angeles, famed pizza chef Chris Bianco was on hand to demo the ovens.

“It’s a dome… it has fire, that’s all the pizza wants to know,” said Bianco, who operates restaurants in Phoenix and now, Los Angeles.

“This is the only part that doesn’t get old, which is cooking,” said Bianco.

He made his famous Rosa Pizza, which is red onion, parmigiano Reggiano, rosemary, and pistachios.

The Dome oven has a built-in digital thermometer, adjustable heat and even an accessory port for future add ons.

“That flame on top is rolling over almost like an old school broiler,” explained Bianco.

Pizzas are cooked in minutes thanks to a combination of heat on the bottom and top.

“Understanding what things need is the key to everything, isn’t it?” concluded Bianco.

The flavors meld in the most delicious of ways, with a crispy yet chewy crust and a perfectly cooked top.

Who knew backyard pizza could be so good.