Gyms and personal trainers turn to streaming video to keep people fit at home


Coronavirus has shut down fitness centers around the nation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay in shape. Here’s a look at how gyms and personal trainers are adapting to the new norm.

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Burn Boot Camp 

“Times like these you have to learn to pivot quickly,” explained Devan Kline, CEO of Burn Boot Camp, a boutique gym with 250 locations. 

“No matter where you are in the world, you can be stuck inside with no equipment, all you need is your body,” said Kline via Skype.

Since members can’t come in, he’s now live-streaming a daily class. 

“We’ll do a livestream everyday at 9am, so our members can tune in to get their camp whether it’s from their living room, their garage, their office, they can get their camp in,” explains Kline. 

Burn Boot Camp CEO Devan Kline leads a workout

Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness is sharing daily 30 minute workout videos on their YouTube channel. They’re calling them Orangetheory At Home.

Videos include a warm-up followed by a mix of exercise and cardio. Items around the house sub in for weights at the gym.

Orangetheory At Home workout

Planet Fitness 

Planet Fitness is live-streaming daily “work-ins” on YouTube.

The classes are 20 minutes and feature moves everyone can handle. The classes are generally performed in what seems to be the trainers living room, and you can easily do them in yours.

I tried one of the first classes and it was a great way to get in a little movement at the end of a long day spent working from home.

Barry’s Bootcamp 

Barry’s Bootcamp is turning to Instagram, where they have trainers doing vertical video workouts.

These workouts appeal to folks who are more comfortable just propping up their phone and getting a workout in. To find them, check out Barry’s Bootcamp on Instagram and tap the IGTV icon.

Personal Trainers

It’s tough to stick to social distancing as a personal trainer. That’s why many, like New York based Allegra Paris, have pivoted to personal training sessions via FaceTime.

“I’ve had to get really creative,” explained Paris via Skype. “With the AirPods, I’m able to put my phone kind of far from me and then demo things and then my clients will work with what they have in their houses and apartments and we’ll do an hour session on the phone.”

Paris launched her online personal training program earlier than she planned due to coronavirus shutting down her typical in-gym sessions.

Personal trainer Allegra Paris

Cosmic Kids Yoga

When it comes to the little ones, check out Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube!

The channel helps teach kids yoga and mindfulness through storytelling and the videos promote the importance of positivity and peacefulness.

My littlest one has been starting his day off with one of their videos, which have themes like Minecraft, which really appeals to him.

Other resources to check out:

Variis – This is a new fitness brand from the folks behind Equinox and SoulCycle. They are posting a workout series in IGTV with daily dose of HIIT, meditation, strength and yoga from brands including Equinox, PURE Yoga, and HeadStrong.

StrengthCityFit – Two top instructors behind ClassPass are hosting a live HIIT workout on Instagram every 6 days a week (8AM ET Mon – Fri, 10AM ET on Sun). The class is 35-45 minutes and has various focuses daily, from lower body to cardio conditioning and upper body to kickboxing.

Nike Training Club App – Nike is making the premium workouts on its slick app available for free until further notice. Make sure you update your Nike Training Club app to take advantage of on-demand class-style workouts, programs, and expert tips.

Aaptiv Kids and Family Workouts – Keep the entire family in shape with YouTube workouts from one of my favorite fitness apps. Normally, Aaptiv does audio-guided workouts on your phone, but now they’re branching out into YouTube videos you can do with the kids in your living room.

Peloton – You don’t need one of their fancy bikes to take advantage of their well-produced workouts! Download the Peloton app and check out all kinds of video workouts including cycling, running and strength. Right now, Peloton is offering a free 90-day trial to the app, so you can hopefully make it through the entire #stayathome stretch before you have to pay anything. Keep in mind you have to sign up through the website and not the app to get the free 90 day trial.

Physique Dance Fitness – This Sacramento fitness studio is providing free online dance fitness classes right now to help you stay safe and healthy. Just register at the website for access.

Fitify – They have various apps for iOS and Android that take advantage of the specific fitness equipment you have available including resistance bands, foam roller and Swiss ball. Alternatively, they have an entire suite of apps that let you workout with your own bodyweight.

Down Dog – Studio quality fitness apps that help you get a great workout just about anywhere, anytime. They have made all of their apps, including Down Dog, Yoga for Beginners, HIIT, Barre, and 7 Minute Workout, completely free until May 1st.

FabFitFun TV – The folks behind the popular beauty box have opened up their streaming platform to everyone for free. Usually, only paying members can access this content. You’ll find 1500+ videos including at-home workouts from big name trainers and meditation sessions.

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