Apple’s new software for the iPhone is called iOS 16. It officially launches in the Fall but you can download a Public Beta of the software right now to test it out and check out the cool features.

Should you?

Probably not, unless you have a secondary device to install it on or really know what you’re doing.

Going back to the standard software isn’t always easy, and you could lose your data.

With that said, we installed the software on a test device to check out some of the coolest new features.

First up: the customizable lock screen.

You can now choose the font, style and color! Plus, you can add widgets (like on Apple Watch) for little bits of information at a glance, like your fitness rings, battery life and sunset info.

You can even have multiple lock screens and swipe between them. Think one for work and one for play.

Notifications are now in a different place – they appear at the bottom of the screen.

There are big changes to iMessage! You can now send a message, then use a new option to edit what you just said. You can even “unsend” a message completely! You have 15 minutes to do either of these things before the message becomes permanent.

There’s also now a deleted messages folder where you can get back the texts you’ve trashed. You have 30 days to retrieve them.

iOS 16 can now detect text in videos when you pause them, letting you copy and paste, click web links, tap QR codes and more.

The keyboard is also a bit new: when you hit the microphone button to use your voice, it no longer hides the letter keys. This means you can compose using a combination of your voice and typing!

Finally, iOS 16 has one of the most incredible photo features you must try! It’s something that used to take a lesson in Photoshop to accomplish, and now you can do it in seconds.

Just tap to lift a subject off of its background! The operating system uses AI and information from the photo to cut out the subject, allowing you to paste it somewhere else or just save as a new photo.

It’s so much fun, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of interesting uses for it!