Hands on with LG’s latest dual screen phone with a camera feature that will make your photos pop

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Rich goes hands on with LG’s latest dual screen phone which has a new camera feature that will make your photos pop in 3D!

Foldable phones generally have a screen that folds in half, but LG is taking a slightly different approach!

LG’s latest device has dual screens and a feature most other phones ditched. Their new phone is called the LG V60 ThinQ 5G Dual Screen!

The name is a mouthful but this could be a good alternative to the big name phones. The phone accommodates not one, but two 6.8 inch screens connected by a somewhat cumbersome snap on case.

Use the phone by itself or add a second screen to run an app across both screens or use two apps at once!

There’s a 64 megapixel camera along with a wide angle lens and even a headphone jack.

The phone packs the largest battery allowed: 5,000 milliamp hours and 4 mics.

There are some fun camera tricks like 8K video recording and 3D shots that seem to pop out of the screen!

All at a price that’s expected to be lower than the competition.

One big difference between LG’s Dual Screen approach and other foldables, there is a gap between the two screens which can be distracting.

The price is expected to be under $1,000 when the phone launches later in March.

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