This new audio app is like having a virtual tour guide by your side for points of interest along the West Coast


A new app called HearHere can help you discover the people, places and history around you.

The app features GPS-tagged audio stories, which are about 3-minutes long.

They explain a bit about the things that are nearby, including people, places and the history of the area you’re currently in.

The app currently has about 1500+ stories available now, HearHere says they will have over 10,000 stories by next summer.

HearHere is a Santa-Barbara based startup backed by actor Kevin Costner and Bill Werlin, the former President of the outdoor apparel company the North Face.

The app is currently available for iOS. You can listen to 5 stories for free, after that a yearly subscription runs $50. Currently, that’s discounted to $25.

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