Don’t be surprised if your friends are talking about websites that generate images using artificial intelligence.

It’s all because of a tool named DALL-E, which comes from a startup named Open-AI.

You type in a description of something you want to see, and a computer creates realistic images to match.

The fun part is that you can be as wild as you want with your description: think alligator riding a motorcycle in the style of Claude Monet.

Courtesy OpenAI

So far, the system has been mostly open to researchers and journalists with access, but the company is slowly opening the waiting list.

The system was trained with 650 million pictures and the automatically generated results are some of the best we’ve seen from computers yet. That explains all the buzz.

There are also a bunch of similar sites quickly going viral because they give users instant access to copycat tools.

One of them is called Craiyon and although it comes from some of the same founding engineers, the technology isn’t as polished, but the results are still fun.