How to Stop Robocalls to Your Cellphone

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Robocalls interrupt and annoy us - especially when they're ringing our cell phones. Here are some tools to help put an end to them.

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T-Mobile has several free tools available to its customers to help put an end to these automated calls. Two services to explore: Scam ID and Scam Block.

Scam ID will identify potential scam calls as they ring your phone and show you the words "scam likely" when it is ringing. This feature is automatically turned on for customers if you signed up after April 1. Otherwise, you can turn it on manually by dialing  #ONI# (#664#) and pressing the call button on your phone’s dialer.

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Scam Block is a bit beefier as it will automatically block calls from known scammers. Your phone won't even ring. You can turn this feature on by dialing #ONB# (#662#)  from your phone. To turn Scam Block off, dial #OFB# (#632#). Don't forget to press the dial button to complete the process.


AT&T offers similar robocall protection for its customers. All you have to do is download the company's free Call Protect app. It's available for iOS and Android. Once you download the app, there is a short sign up process, and then your line is protected.

You have several options including automatic call blocking, suspected spam warnings and the ability to block calls from any specific number.


Nomorobo is an app that works on the iPhone with any carrier. Once you install it, it will automatically warn you when a suspected robocall comes in as it rings your phone. Nomorobo says it has stopped nearly 300 million calls. The company keeps an ever-updated database of nearly 600,000 known robocalls. The service is ad-free and doesn't require you to hand over access to your personal address book to work, but it does cost $2 a month or $20 for the year.


If you're looking for a free solution for Android and iOS, check out Hiya. This app has a ton of features including Caller ID for every number that rings your phone. You can set the app to automatically block all nuisance calls. Hiya defines this as numbers associated with fraud, phishing, and other illegal activities. It will also flag incoming calls as "suspected spam" if they are associated with a high level of unwanted activity. Hiya uses a proprietary algorithm to help it determine good calls from bad ones.

The app does ask for access to your address book in an effort to be sure that it doesn't block important calls from coming in, like those from your school or dentist. Hiya is totally free.

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