How To Turn Off VIZIO Smart TV Tracking Feature


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VIZIO is going public and revealing some interesting things about their business plan. Turns out they are banking big on the fact their their smart TVs can collect a lot of data about the people who buy them.

Basically, a large majority of VIZIO Smart TVs are monitoring what people are watching on them. VIZIO calls the feature “Smart Interactivity” but to me and you it seems like they are spying on our viewing habits.

This is pretty commonplace on the internet – for instance, if you watch a video on YouTube, Google uses that data to recommend you more videos and sell advertising data targeted to your interests.

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VIZIO wants to do the same thing. By monitoring what you watch on your TV, they can send you pop up ads on screen and recommend other content. It’s not totally bad, it just seems like VIZIO should be more upfront about the monitoring when you plug your TV into the internet for the first time.

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Here are my thoughts on this and step by step instructions on how to turn the feature off.

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