These Job Apps Can Help You Tap or Swipe Your Way to a New A Gig

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Forget the printed resume - these new apps and sites can help you find a job in just a few clicks or even a swipe.

Remember the days when you actually had to go to Kinko's to photocopy your resume to prepare for a job hunt? These days you can find a job in just a few clicks - here are some new and unique job sites and apps to get you started.

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Jobr App [LINK]

Jobr is sort of like Tinder of the career world. You are presented with job cards and literally swipe left if you're interested or right to dismiss an opportunity if it's not for you. The app says it capitalizes on the fact that 75 percent of adults are looking for jobs on their phone. Clearly what Jobr is doing is working - career site giant just bought Jobr to make sure even more people know about the app.

Elevated Careers [LINK]

Elevated Careers helps you find the equivalent of your job soulmate. Makes sense, since it's a brand new job site from the same folks behind eHarmony. It aims to connect you with a more compatible job based on a variety of parameters unique to you. These include your skills, the company culture you appreciate and your overall personality. Elevated Careers says employee turnover costs companies 11 billion dollars a year and by matching folks with jobs that keep them happy they can cut down on this figure.

LinkedIn Students [LINK]

If you just graduated, definitely check out this special job hunting app from LinkedIn. The app taps into what LinkedIn knows from its 400 million user profiles - basically it has a ton of data about jobs, where people go, the skills they need and more. LinkedIn Students helps grads discover the best jobs for your major and can even help you uncover positions you might not have thought about applying for. You can see the companies that tend to hire from your school and see the career paths other recent alumni with similar degrees have taken. LinkedIn Students is basically like having your own personal data scientist in your pocket.

WEB BONUS: ineedaresume 2.0 [LINK]

Need a resume fast? Check out ineedaresume. It's a super easy website you can use to create an instant resume. There's no logging in or signing up. Just follow some easy step by step instructions and answer some questions to create a beautifully formatted resume. Good luck with the job hunt!

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