Cool new gadgets: tiny Bluetooth speaker, versatile phone tripod and a smart dashcam

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Looking for some cool new gadgets for all of your adventures? Check out this tiny Bluetooth speaker, a super versatile phone holder and a dashcam that uses AI to keep you safe.

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Lexon Mino X Bluetooth speaker, $40

Want some serious sound from a tiny Bluetooth speaker? Look no further than the Lexon Mino X. I found it in a sale bin at Nordstrom, but they sell it online, too!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from such a small speaker, but when I connected it to my phone and played my current favorite tune, I was impressed!

The Mino X sounds great and you won’t believe how loud it gets. It comes in fun colors, is water-resistant and of course, it’s rechargeable. It’s so small, you’ll want to bring it on all of your adventures.

Nexar Beam GPS Dash Cam, $120

I’m constantly getting questions about dash cams, and there are so many of them out there. But only the Nexar Beam uses AI to help keep you safe on the road.

The camera is small and I love how the GPS is integrated onto the mount, versus on the wire, like many other dash cams. Installation took less than 5 minutes (hiding the cable is always the trickiest part) and I was up and running with the companion app several minutes after that.

The camera connects to an app on your phone to really work its magic, although it will still record the road in a loop even if your phone isn’t nearby or connected. Nexar uses AI to detect unusual events including collisions, hard brakes and hard accelerations.

Also, I’ve tested a bunch of dash cams and Nexar’s software is truly remarkable and slick compared to what you typically get. You can easily see your drives and generate downloadable clips.

I can’t stress how impressed I am with this camera and app. Just so you know, I tested it using an iOS device, which is currently required for some of the advanced features. So if you have an Android, check Nexar’s website to see which features you can take advantage of and which ones are coming soon to that platform.

Tenikle 360, $40 (use code RICHONTECH at checkout for 10% off)

If you’re looking for a versatile phone mount, this is it. The Tenikle 360 is an octopus-inspired phone holder. It’s bendable, flexible, wrappable and grippy thanks to suction cups on the legs.

“Instead of always forgetting one product to do different things with your phone… i thought why not just make one product that does everything,” said Hans Dose, who came up with the idea.

It’s now a must-have tool in my backpack, great for creating content for social media or just capturing unique videos and photos of family and friends.

Hans Dose, creator of Tenikle

“Every time someone gets their hands on this thing, there’s this discovery element, ‘Oh I can use it for this,’ and every new user that we have tends to come up with their own use case for it,” said Dose.

Just keep in mind there is a previous version of the product, the 360 is the latest and greatest.

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