Short, vertical videos are super popular right now. It started with TikTok, and now they’re on Instagram and Facebook.

Here are three apps that can help you easily edit your videos to share with friends and family or on social media.

“Unless phones change, I don’t think vertical video is going anywhere,” said Collin Michael, a YouTuber that teaches creators valuable skills.

Collin Michael, YouTube content creator

“It takes up the full screen when you shoot in vertical mode which is just more pleasing to watch and how you naturally hold your phone,” explained Michael.

If you’re sharing on social media, you can use editing tools built into TikTok or Instagram, but I think you’ll find these apps make the process easier and give you more options.

CapCut, iOS and Android

CapCut is one of the most popular completely free video editing apps. It’s loaded with tons of playful features to make your videos pop.

“It really enables you to get creative and do a lot of things just from your phone,” said Michael.

It’s made by TikTok owner ByteDance but offer different tools than you can find inside their popular social media app.

“The reason it is free is they want people to take those tools and create content for their platform but you can do it for any platform,” said Micheal.

CapCut is a good place to start if you use TikTik and want to up your game there, but you can export your videos and upload them anywhere.


InShot has been around forever, first as a photo editing app and now as a video editing app. It lets you do the basics for free, but be prepared for on screen ads. I saw them while editing and exporting videos.

The nice thing about InShot is that it works equally well with video and photos.

“It’s actually a great place to make like collages if you have alot of photos that you want to turn into a video and upload to one of these sites,” said Michael.

There is an InShot watermark logo on your finished video but you can remove it by watching an ad or paying a one time fee.

“I think it’s a good editor even if you don’t get the paid features you can still do a lot within the app,” said Michael.


Splice is my personal favorite thanks to a combination of robust features and super simple editing.

It has a ton of cool transitions and a great music library that won’t get you snagged in a copyright alert.

I use Splice to edit all of my Reels on Instagram and the app is updated with new features and bug fixes often.

There is a free trial but this is a paid app on both iOS and Android. I’d recommend it only if you want to get really serious with your social media videos.

“They very much simplify it down to where if you’re just starting out you’re not going to be overwhelmed by all these tools and buttons all over the place,” concluded Michael.